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Who We Are

With an aim of realizing the dream of the cooperative, China Trade Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. (CHITCOL) was established by the enterprising and dynamic businessmen of Nepal to mobilize the national resources in the national development process so as to achieve the new height in the financial sectors. CHITCOL is a legendary financial co-operative with over 5 years experience on the financial


Find all the support and information they need to make all decisions about saving for your future.  


Find all the support and information they need to make all decisions about saving for your future.


Find all the support and information they need to make all decisions about saving for your future.

Welcome to all the members as well as the well wisher of the China Trade Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. (CHITCOL) in the official website, which is committed to make update all the activities of the institution. Since the embankment of our expedition on July 17, 2007. we have been providing financial and non-financial services to all the members, so as to envisions for viable, competent and sustainable cooperative since it's establishment. We do believe that progress and success of any organization depends upon the knowledge, skills and motivational level of its human assets so that we have been working to reach in the new height in the field of Cooperative by applying the established norms, values and principle of the institution.

It is my pleasure to mention here that we have well experienced and established businessmen in the Cooperative so that we have been able to achieve the new dimension with in the short span of the time. Like wise, my sincere thanks go to all the hard-working staffs, which have made this financial institutional one of the best in the Cooperative sectors. We would not have been in this position if there was not an untiring effort of them.

I express my heartiest thanks go to all our members who are the real assets of CHITCOL who have contributed to make it as strong cooperatives of Nepal. And, I hope their continued support in the days to come. Once again, CHITCOL welcomes all of you and admires your non stoppable cooperation as well as invites to explore our new products, activities and updated information through our official website

Durga Bahadur Shrestha



I am very pleased to welcome you at China Trade Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. (CHITCOL). Today is the most exciting yet challenging time at CHITCOL as it continues to pursue lofty expansion plans. I feel very humble and happy to take the lead of this challenging pursuit of growth and expansion. Together with the support of our energetic human resources, dedicated board of directors and loyal members' believe we will accomplish our goals of becoming the most preferred co-operative in our community. 

Our commitment for membership, use of updated technology and building professionalism will continue in the days to come. In order to reduce gap between haves and have nots group, we are focusing in financial access by sustainable saving plan, remittance, education and training service for the better future of our community people. 

I would like to thank all the members and stakeholders for their continue support and loyalty, along with our dedicated employees' drive for growth and success of our co-operative. We are striving to sustain and build the remarkable success which we have enjoyed in last years. Our focus is to show our excellence in the competitive market; by working proactively with our stakeholders to find the best solutions to maintain sustainable long term business. 

Welcome again and thank you for your curiosity to know more about our co-operative. We are eager to help you in identifying and achieving your financial, social and cultural goals. We are committed to provide friendly, fast and personalized services to all of our members.

Rajendra K. Shrestha

 Chief Executive Officer

Business Loan

The Cooperative offers business loan to large members including private sector with offerings ranges from loans to meet operational funding requirements as well as service. Cooperative Provide Collateral/Collateral free Facility for business holder in Kathmandu.


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